Thursday, April 2, 2009

Warning...boring post

Gosh after my cranky fit I'm feeling so much better. I found out why too...after being way late my TOM came. Joy...I guess two months is my "regularity limit". So what's been going on with me??? I jumped on the scale this morning and then I danced right off!!! I haven't seen those numbers since New Years!!! SWEEETTTTT :) Now I won't give up my exercising!!! Today I was quite the busy beaver....I put up the compost bin so I can start making some good soil for next year and so that I may make my landfill contribution even less...then I moved two enormous, heavy, ball busting stones from the back yard, down my mountain goat hill and to the back door...lemme tell ya I'm not joking! I think they were barn foundation stones...I'll have to take a picture. I moved our swing down to the backyard as well. Not as heavy as the stones but it wasn't light...It's one of those one's that are rustic, all wood and look like a bunch of logs screwed together. I then proceeded to sit on it with a magazine and a drink and CHILL!!! Nidge was asleep, hubs was running errands...Just me and the sunshine! Does the soul good!!!

I'll be doing the walk on Sunday...I think...part of me is so ready and the other is so scared...Ugh!!! I think I may go treat myself to a non food reward tomorrow. I'm thinking of getting a small star Sapphire ring for myself...we'll see.

Anywho, see what I mean about BORING!!! LOL...hopefully I'll have something new thru the weekend!