Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Part of the turkey day spread...

A little more

HG's "I can't believe it's not sweet potato pie" for me it's a great alternative to candied yams...

Glazed Carrots...I have to find the recipes for these.

Brother in Law Brian and Hubs carving the 25 lb. bird...

Desserts aplenty...I made the two pies on the left Mother in Law did the apple pies on the right. The pumpkin one is a standard off the can recipe and the one behind it is Sugar Pie...

Thank's be to GOD for crustless pumpkin pie :) My sanity in a pie plate!!!

This is Sugar Pie, a very old PA Dutch recipe that my dad and grandpa have been hoping I could get "just right" like grandpa's mom. Dad hadn't had this pie in 40+ years and when he came across it at a tractor show food booth he asked the old lady for the recipe. I could tell both the gents were surprised and delighted and I GOT IT :)

My nephew's belly after ingesting so much darned good homemade food!!!

Turkey carcass after feast :) Still can't believe there were no leftovers!!!

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