Friday, January 30, 2009

Another snowy day

Ugh, when will it ever end? I was talking with my MIL yesterday and we were commenting on how we haven't had this much snow since 93/94. There's one difference though, way back in the "olden days" it was blizzard/thaw/blizzard/thaw...Not this year. We just keep getting dumped on and no thaw!!! K...enough whining for the day ;)

Just a couple of odd ball snippets today...

I found a website that does a neato thing to photo's. It's called TiltFishMaker and it does this to a photo...

You can change where the focus of the picture is. It mimics the results of a very expensive camera lens...hey I'll give anything a go around once! This one I think I'll be using quite a bit!

A few quotes of note from Whole Living...I LOVE Martha Stewart!!!

"Eat close to the source. The healthiest food doesn't come in a wrapper"

"When you push the boundaries of your strength, you tap into the body's true power" I dedicate this one to Tony at "The Anti-Jared"

"Health is the manifestation of internal balance"

So other than being surrounded by snow I'm doing A-O-K. My BFF and I got in a fantabulous walk last night at the mall, 1 hour long, lord knows how many laps!!! We were both pooped afterward and my shins hurt but I felt so darned good!!! We tentatively have walking "dates" Sunday and Monday which I'm hoping the newest batch of storms doesn't halt!

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