Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ok...momma had a rant. I was watching CNN today and they were having a "special report" about Jessica Simpson's weight. I guess she weighs a whopping 130 lbs and everyone is going on like she's some big moose. I started yelling at the TV and hubs was like "well that is ridiculous" agreeing with me of course ;). Then I get on yahoo and they posted these photo's of Jess Simpson. Honest to God I can see why the youth of today have body issues. Nearly everyone on my facebook in their 25 random comments mentions body issues (people I would have thought didn't). It just makes me so very, very angry. I think I can breath...

Tomorrow is SUPER BOWL!!! WooHoo GO STEELERS!!! (Or Stillers if you're from 'round here). We have plans with friends of ours. We were going to have the snack fest, which scared me a bit because they are NOT veggie fans...but decided to go with a Thanksgiving style turkey dinner!!! Whew...saved by the bird. It's funny this year we were invited to 3 different parties. In years past that was never the case because I was ALWAYS at work. We just went with the first people who asked us. Here's a link to an interesting site about the way Pittsburgers talk...enjoy

Today I found two new pieces of free software that I'm about ready to install. One is a startup program that will help keep the unnecessary stuff that boots up with your computer out of start up...You can find it here Startup Program

The other is a group of sites from a womans newsletter that I just many helpful hints...anyway, it's about finances: budget program, account tracking...etc. Kim Komando.

Eat a groundhog??? No I'm not going all crazy on ya...Feb. 2nd we "celebrate" the furry pest. Punxsy is a 20 minute drive from my house but I've never been to the festivites. I had to laugh the other day when MotherEarthNews sent me an email about cooking groundhog. Depending on whether he sees his shadow or not we'll see about a groundhog pie...LOL Here's a link to the Whistle Pig. I wouldn't actually cook one up but I did like the little video that is on page 2 showcasing the various groundhogs around town.

As for OP wise...well I had my first totally OP day yesterday with no Flexies!!! WooHoo. I'm trying to ween myself off of them slowly. I'll have to look back thru my food journal and see what made the difference. I think it was the scrambled egg sandwich with ketchup! (May have something to do with having to go to the grocery store too)


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  2. That is funnyl I just sent an angry email to US WEEKLY because I was at the grocery store tonight and saw their cover that had a picture of her and the headline was "JUMBO JESSICA"... Really... JUMBO? Anyway. I went off like a wildfire because I think it was way out of line... Ha!