Friday, January 9, 2009


You know those times when you know you've been bad but you just PRAY that the scale doesn't reflect it? I had one of those moments this morning. I've been trying to eat healthier, watching how many snacks, eating dinner (or supper) later so not to have the evening munchies...BUT well meaning though slightly depressed hubs has been nourishing his sweet tooth with...chocolate cake...(I threw half of it in the garbage yesterday). I didn't cave though, I wanted to drown myself in peanut butter and wallow in self pity...Instead I decided after getting a text on the way to baby sit, that I didn't have to baby sit, to go shopping instead. Allow me a rant! I can see why the "super-low-mega-mart" businesses do so well while the rest of the retail world is suffering...they're open!!! What a concept :). I for one this morning didn't feel like going to the aforementioned store but rather wanted to go to the Dollar Tree for batteries, broom and degreaser. Batteries for the new/used spongebob TV game friends gave my son, broom for sweeping the snow away from the steps and degreaser for cleaning off the cupboard in preparation for painting. Then I was going to go to Aldi's to stock up on some fresh fruit and veggies. I need my produce, I know that I'm snacking on carbs, refined sugar and processed foods simply because there aren't grapes, apples, oranges and cauliflower in the fridge!!! Boy am I taking side roads today (lot to say and I want to get it all out). THEY WERE BOTH CLOSED!!! It was 8 am...UGH. So I drove back home, decided that I wouldn't just become a tater and watch TV...grabbed the crappy broom on the porch, swept off the front steps and then shoveled out the back steps. I also ran up the back hill twice this morning and before bed last night did 50 reps of balanced lifting on the ball (I mentioned in an earlier post). I will beat this winter weather blah if it kills me!!!

Now....since I've been avoiding it with that gimungous paragraph above I'm now going to post my weight....


Ouch...but I know I need to be accountable to myself and seeing it in black and white and blue allover....I'm sticking with it, sticking to it and not letting this win. I'm ticked off that I let myself have too many liberties!!!

On other notes, I've decided to step into the fire. I need a little "cha ching" and don't want to go full time or have any brain taxing jobs right now. A friend of mine owns a pizza shop and said I can pick up a few hours here and there. It's by no means a career nor something I'll be sticking with long term but it will get me out of the house for a few hours, give us a little money and hopefully get me up and moving again. I'm starting to feel atrophied!!! I know I can stay away from the food because I won't be working there for long hours and hopefully will be too busy to munch!!!

Anywho...there's my rant for the day!!!

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