Saturday, January 10, 2009

Part of the gain...

Ugh, after a wonderful evening out with my BFF dancing and sticking to only 3 MGD 64's (that's an NSV) I woke up way to early for being out till 2:30. When I did my morning dash to the potty...I discovered that my dear aunt has payed me a visit. You can't set any clocks to mine...I can go for months without one...go figure. So I never really know when she's a coming...So I'm not getting down about that scale as I'm sure at least a little is due to this lovely work of mother nature.

I shoveled for 2 hours this morning as well and went sled riding down the hill out back, so I'm thinking that's good exercise! I worked up a sweat shoveling let me tell you.

And now that I've grossed you out with all this talk about TOM and sweat...I leave you with a thought for the day....Woman without snow pants get very wet bum...

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