Monday, January 5, 2009

Not resolutions...promises

So I've been thinking all night about what to resolve in the next year to do...

I already know I want to reach my goal weight which is 154...half my former size.
I want to eat healthier...not as many processed foods.
I have the tools and the knowledge and I'm finding the strength slowly to do it again...

So I'm making promises to myself...
Once I get below 200 again...I'm going to go ride a horse.

I know it sounds silly but when I was over 300 lbs. I was afraid to ride a horse for fear that I'd hurt the calm peaceful creatures that they are. I've never ridden a horse and I want to!!!

I promise to at least run one start out with. I feel it, I'm ready!!! I want to run!!! Now if this cold winter would just fly by!!!

I promise that when I get to 190 I'll spend a day window shopping ALONE!!!

I promise that when I reach my previous low weight 163 that I'll treat myself to a day of photography...

I promise that when I reach goal I will know I deserve it and will buy myself something super special!!! I'll keep you posted as to what that will be!!!

For you all I promise in the next week to post pics of all my equipment, cooking and exercise. I'm also contemplating a blog about my sweet little Nidge!!!

Till later...

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