Sunday, February 1, 2009

A very tasty dream...

I haven't really been dreaming a lot lately, which is rather weird because in the past have had very vivid and memorable dreams. Well yesterday I went very easy on the caffeine, stayed up a little too late reading blogs (finally got smart and subscribed to a reader today) and shut the curtains in my room. Well sometime last night I had a very real dream. I ate a whole kit kat bar!!! I could smell and taste it, feel the texture and I realllllly enjoyed it, savoring each and every bite!!! Well this morning when I was fixing my breakfast (scrambled egg sandwich and fiber 1 with bananas and almond milk) I went to journal the food and I I need to journal that kit kat bar? I honestly thought I'd eaten it!!! I could go on having dreams like this all the time!!! Maybe I could have one about some french fries, juicy burger with mayo, meatball hoagie...LOL...hey a girl can "DREAM".

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