Friday, March 6, 2009

Another day...another post

It's nearly 10am and I'm waiting for the sun to come out. It was so nice and refreshing yesterday. I put the Nidge down for his nap, took my phone (which has a built in MP3 player in it), a book and a cup of coffee out to the front porch. Took a few minutes to look towards the sun, scanned the horizon of our lovely town (DuBois), took a deep breath and got to reading an old book I just discovered on my shelves... What Katy Did Next. It's a lovely, charming and engaging old book. I haven't got lost in a book for so long, I forgot where they can take me to. This one is about a young lady given the opportunity to travel Europe. It was a real "ME" moment and it was good!

I made two trips to the elliptical (medieval torture device) today with the music and some determination. I did two 5 min. sessions. I would have kept going the second time but the Nidge found me and wanted to "help". If it ever warms up outside I may get in a real walk.

A couple things I tried this week...
  • "Green" dishwasher detergent. I mixed 2 cups of Borax with 2 cups of baking soda and have been trying this out in my dishwasher for a cheaper more environmentally safe alternative to regular detergent. I've also been using distilled white vinegar in the jet dry compartment. It was working well with a few exceptions...peanut butter left on the spoons and cocoa in the bottom of my mugs. I didn't want to give up totally so I dumped what was left of my $1 dish detergent from Dollar Tree in it and that did the trick. So it's not entirely "green" but it's saving me green cause it's cheap as heck!
  • Making veggie dip with fat free plain yogurt. I'd tried this before with onion soup mix and I was not a fan! Well I tried it with Hidden Valley and it's a winner. I used it instead of the sour cream it called for...1 to 1 conversion. So there's my recipe for veggie dip ;)
Speaking of peanut butter...I've tried PB2 and love it. I hate that you have to order so much at a time but it is awesome. I found this site though recently and am thinking of giving it a try. So has anyone tried Fitnutz? I just bought Hubs and Nidge a huge tub or xtra crunchy Jif and it's a bit dry for my liking which truthfully is a good thing. I LOVE peanut butter (too much).

I'm also trying out seltzer water. I'm trying VERY hard to eliminate as much artificial sweeteners from my diet as possible. Cutting down ever so slowly on it in my coffee and tea. I don't particularly like Stevia, to me it's rather bitter. Well I think I'm growing accustomed to the unsweetened slightly salty taste of seltzer and the best part is the ingredients list: Carbonated Water and Natural Flavor. Wow things I can pronounce!!! Between that and water I'm doing better cutting out my soda intake. Every little bit helps. I've also considered ordering this...Whey Low anyone try it? Would this be a better alternative??? Would my body still be confused??? LOL

I have a confession to nickname is Beanie, I get called it all the time. It stems from my babyhood. When I was a baby I would only eat green beans and so my name was born shortly after I was born...It stuck with me through school and even at my job. I answer to it more than my own name...well my real name is: Sabrina. I love my name, it's unique and I've been told it's pretty. NO I AM NOT A TEENAGER AND I AM NOT A WITCH AND NO MY MOM DIDN'T NAME ME AFTER THE TV SHOW!!! It was actually a name she saw in a baby book and in her book it meant "princess". No real reason for my confession, just thought I'd share.

As for my plans for the weekend??? Probably visiting a bit of family and probably exercising. It's supposed to reach 60° but I'll believe that when I see it.



  1. Hello Beanie!! I've tried FitNutz and love it! coworker and my boyfriend are NOT fans. It tastes kind of like the entire peanut & shell are all ground up together but not really. I LOVE peanut butter but because it was so high in calories, I didn't eat it for about 8-9 months, then tried the FitNutz. Maybe because I hadn't had real peanut butter in so long, the powder stuff was good. Anyways, I haven't tried the PB2 yet but have wanted to!

  2. Creamy or crunchy? I think I'll be ordering it soon!