Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nice knowing you...Ups and downs

Up and down...

My ups for the day...
  • Lynn mentioned my gadget addiction on her lovely site...
  • I have the house to myself for the day and I've ticked off the whole family so I know the phone wont be ringing ;)
  • The sun is shining VERY brightly so I think when I put the Nidge down for a nap I'll go the porch with a book and maybe jump on the elliptical.
My Downs....
  • Upon catching up in my reader today I found this... Diana's Final Goodbye. I understand where she's coming from completely. My poisonous people don't come from the web...they came from my job. I feel 100% better about my marriage and my own personal life now that I'm not surrounded by those that would say things to hurt me. I can take criticism mind you...but the things that some did were just downright mean and spiteful. Don't get me wrong I miss some people, but the one's that were my true friends still are. Diana, if you happen to be reading...Best of luck and blessings to you. I'll miss you and my hopes for you are that you'll find some peace in yourself, life and marriage...
  • My nose is running and my throat is sore
But in all things...I give thanks!



  1. Sending you yet another {{beaniehug}}. That you can end with thanks, well, that's all anyone can do really, isn't it? I hope you don't give up blogging, though. I'd miss you. And I'm selfish :)

  2. Oh Lynn...hugs back to you {{Lynn}} I'm certainly not going anywhere, I'm loving this and it's not interfering with my marriage or my mothering! I'm good to go :)