Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sitting here though I should be up and in bed...Thought I'd post a bit before going to bed.

*The reason for my hearty laugh? I just watched my kitty cat ever so gracefully fall from the couch cushion. He did it and then looked at me with his huge eyes...they said "What just happened? AND you didn't just see that did you?"

*The dinner went well, better than I expected but I think that was thanks to the fact that once my MIL started inviting everyone and their brother I had enough sense to invite some friends of my own. I don't know how I would have survived otherwise. Hubs was so late getting back from work so that made it ever more stressful!!! I did well eating. I had made Yelatin from Roni, Split Pea Soup from Gina so there was some stuff to eat that I didn't feel awful about. I had a rather hearty breakfast spread out in 2 hour intervals and I had an apple at lunch time. We didn't eat till almost 3pm so I was starving! I had one reuben (yummo) heavy on the kraut and light on bread and meat. My only splurge was MIL's "wind pudding"...which is in essence watergate salad. I drank a lot of coffee and water.

*Speaking of water...I've discovered something simple and yet delightful. I have a plastic lime in my fridge. It's been there for awhile. I haven't been to the store to by True Lemon or True Lime so on a whim I gave the lime a shot. I've found a new drink...Yummy! I don't mind lemon juice in my water...but I love lime in it!!!

*Another recipe I tried this week...HG's Onion rings. I will SO be making these again. Next time I'll add some spices to the Fiber one though. I discovered while making them though, a light coating is NOT a bad thing. Seriously Hubs even liked them. Now Nidgy on the other hand...LOL

*BFF and I have been walking like crazy people lately and I've been a bit dicouraged. I haven't really had a loss, but I think I'm loosing inches. Clothes are fitting better, noticing some definition (from the balance ball exercises) and my thighs are rubbing together less. I know I just gotta keep it up.

*Speaking of walking...there's a local 2M or 5M run/walk for raising money in April. I'm seriously thinking of joining in. If you raise $20 you get a free T-Shirt :) Haven't decided whether I'm running or walking, or if I'm doing the 2 or 5...

That's all for tonight...hope to get out and enjoy a bit o' the beautiful sunshine tomorrow. Thursday will be "A" day...Gyno appointment...UGH...


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