Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm doing it...

I'm going to do the local Run/Walk for someone special. It's sponsored/ran by JCARC... Jefferson County Area of Retarded Citizen.
All proceeds benefit a local camp for retarded citizens...

Here's what their website says "The ARC is a membership organization made up of people with intellectual, developmental, and
related disabilities, their families, friends, interested citizens, and professionals in the field. They form state and local chapters of The
ARC, the largest organization in the disability field. JCARC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the general well being
of persons with disabilities. Most of the activities are held at Camp Friendship, an eight acre area located 3 miles from Reynoldsville.
Camp Friendship offers a quiet retreat from everyday life. The two main buildings are surrounded by a pond, picnic areas, pavilion,
outdoor fireplace and a variety of recreational equipment. A membership in The Arc is one more voice when The ARC of Pa. and
local ARCs lobby before the legislators in Harrisburg and The ARC-US lobbies in Washington to protect the rights of persons with

I got an email from the coordinator that stated the following in response to my questions...
"Beanie, thanks for your e mail. Question #1- the 5 mile is a run, and the 2 mile- is either a walk or run the reason the 5 is only a run is
because it takes too long for people to walk the 5 miles. and everyone will be waiting to get the results.

Question # 2- the Route- start @ the Town Hall go on 119 towards Punxsy, turn, right onto Reed's Dam Road ( this road is just before
the car wash ) go to Reeds Dam and turn around for the 2 miles and if you are running the 5 miles keep going and go up heartbreak
hill to a t in the road, and then turn around. and come back to the town hall. we have the state police , Borough police, firemen,
ambulance and RE Act- watching the roads for us. looking forward to meeting you, come up and meet me I am the ugly big guy with a
mustache. I hope this helps you and answers your questions thanks Pat."

So I'm trying to decide which to do. I really think I'm going to do the 2 mile and run/walk it. I'd love to do the 5 but I really haven't trained
much for it. I've been jogging quarter miles for a couple of days and when I run for the paper or the mail I can feel that it's helping... So
I'm hoping for a fast 2 miles!

I've already got two sponsors and I'm super excited to do this!!! My 4 miles are huge compared to the 2 mile but I feel that if I can
run/jog most of it then I'll get the benefits from it.. and I'll be helping out a very worthy cause!!!

Whew... it's just around the corner!!! Can't wait!


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