Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I don't need it

UGH...talk about a week from H-E-double hockey sticks....

Girl, you don't need to go downstairs and raid the cupboard, you don't need to soothe the anger and frustration with noshing...

Keep you butt upstairs while the Nidge is napping...enjoy the sunlight coming in the windows, the cat purring at your feet, the comfort of clean blankets and the quiet stillness of the house...

Self talk done...now on to the blogging ;)

Things are crazy mad with the in laws right now and it's frustrating...FIL wants Hubs to do all his running while he's in the hospital for rehab. While he was going to the Burg' for chemo treatments he had a heart attack, which landed him in the cardiac unit. Upon his release he was at dinner with Hubs and fell and broke his knee, which then put him in rehab in the Burg...he was there for two weeks. Well they shipped him up here for rehab and now Hubs is at his beck and call at all hours. He's helping friends with their rentals (plumbing), his mom often needs him for this, that and the other...and on Saturday at 6 am we got a phone call from his cousin who was in NYC where he'd been "stranded". I put that in quotes, cause no one really knows what happened up there. I'd had it Saturday with repeated phone calls from FIL to have Hubs call him (I told Hubs to go have some fun hunting with his buddy but not to take his phone). Then I receive this call later in the afternoon from some woman who is furious with his cousin and takes it out on me. So not only did we pay for a bus ticket to get him back in the state (we did get paid back my his mom) but I got a butt chewing from some woman who somehow mysteriously got our unlisted phone number. UGH. I let my anger get the best of me unfortunately and said somethings that needed to be said anyhow to his cousin...and now I'm the bad gal...Let me tell you by the time Hubs was back home I was SO READY for girls night. Which was awesome by the way. I did very well considering the stress I was under. I volunteered to be DD so I limited myself to 2 beers (they didn't have my MGD 64's) and drank water the rest of the evening. When we all got back to my bff's house my veggie tray worked wonders for my snacking!!! Everyone loved my dip too (recipe in a few days). There was chicken dip but I didn't use the tortilla's that were supplied, I used cucumber slices from my veggie tray ;). I had 2 of my fave-o mixed drinks...Jager Bombs and was pleased to find out the next day that with sugar free red bull the drinks were only 2 pts a piece!!!

Man, when I get on a roll...well you see ;)

Yesterday I tried out a new recipe for Veggie burgers. I got it from Lynn's site. I did the first three ingredients in the processor, then moved to a bowl. Following that I did each ingredient separately in the food processor, one at a time. I didn't want to chop all those veggies by hand! I got nine out of the recipe but I think next time I will get less because I'll make them a little thicker. They are very yummy. I had two of them for lunch today. I did make two other additions to the recipe...I added about 1 tsp. of oregano and rosemary to it...and I used dried green peppers instead of the red one's that are called for in the recipe...I will certainly be making these again.

All for now...Toodles!


  1. Oh babe, what a time you're having! Oi! Sending you peaceful and quiet vibes.

    As for the veggie burgers, they hold together better when you chop the veggies by hand. At least that was my experience. I made them by hand once and loved them. In the food processor...they were too runny. Tonight I made them by hand again and all was well. I did them with BBQ sauce and chili powder and cumin this time, too. I will try the oregano and rosemarry, too. Glad you liked the recipe. Tell me, did you find the food processing runny for you? Ew...that sounds so gross!

  2. Thanks for the vibes...I need them!!!

    Just wondering how small you chop the veggies? I don't really want huge chunks but I don't want mush either ;). I love them and I think you've given me "THE RECIPE" that I've been searching over a year for!!!

  3. And yes, the mixture was quite runny...and sticky!!! LOL Now that sounds gross!!!