Saturday, March 14, 2009

Utterly frustrated

So my "little" get together tomorrow has turned into a fiasco of ginormous proportions. I initially invited 3 people and one of them was my mother in law...well her invite evidentally turned into a free for all (as far as she's concerned) to invite whoever she pleased. This of course was without informing me until after the fact. So now a nice little get together has turned into a stressful situation for me (father in law is coming and that's the most stressful part...another day, another post and believe me it will take a whole post). In my stress I so wanted to go to the convenience store and binge...I mean good old fashioned I'm so mad and can't deal with the stress I'm going to eat whatever and I'll feel better...but I'm not that person anymore. I went all ready to get something with calories off the chart and came back with a HUGE 44 ounce diet green tea with peach fountain drink. I even let this "crazy thinking" spill over into my Nidgy's evening treat. I promised M&M's to him but decided against that as well (I'd eat them and I don't want him getting a chocolate/sweet tooth). I got him strawberry milk (didn't like) and a teensy bag of combo's which I snitched 3 of.

It could have been so much worse, I looked at the grapes, pineapple, strawberries and melon, precut and all over priced and looking old...and remembered I have a cantaloupe at home on the counter!!! BUT instead of cutting it as it's for breakfast in the morning...I decided on those 3 combo's and a bag of Curves popcorn.

The best part??? I don't feel guilty but I am thinking that I've got an addiction to that tea...LOL. I was going to make full fat cupcakes for the dinner tomorrow...but I figured I better have a back up plan for myself and made them with egg sub and applesauce so I have at least a little something to eat ;). WISH ME LUCK :)


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