Friday, February 27, 2009

My List o' tunes...and a few other things...

Tony - THE Anti-Jared - posted his play list today so I thought I'd join in and do the same.

First of all I must state...I do not have an Ipod, or a zune or any kind of MP3 player...

WHAT??? Yep, haven't had the pleasure of getting one of those fantastic gadgets yet...but truthfully I don't need one. I have my Chocolate 3 with a 2GB card in it and it works just fine. I can plug in my fave ear buds or have it transmit my songs through my car radio (I love that function) and it's small so I can fit it anywhere...Well onto my list...this is my exercise list...

  • Apologize - Timbaland
  • Circus - Britney Spears
  • Dangerous - Akon
  • I Like That - Houston
  • I'm In Miami B**** - LMFAO
  • In The Ayer - Flo-Rida
  • Jizz in My Pants - The Lonely Island (weird song but the beat can't be "beat" lol)
  • Let's Do Something Crazy - Ashanti
  • What Them Girls Like - Ludacris
  • Bombs Over Baghdad - Outkast
  • Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
  • What Is It? - Baby Bash
  • Whine Up - Kat De Luna
  • Womanizer - Britney Spears
  • Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
  • Just Dance - Lady Gaga
  • Killa - Cherish
  • Miss Independent - Neyo
  • Sexy Can I? - Ray J
  • Something In Your Mouth - Nickelback
  • What's A Girl To Do? - Bat For Lashes
Whew, forgot I had so many!!!

LOVE Music...All kinds...yes even rap, metal, classical, country, oldies...etc...I heard that my FAVORITE group from the 80's is putting out a new album and going on tour...DEPECHE MODE!!! I think the closest they're coming to me is Atlantic City. Live music is nice, local bands and such...Going out tomorrow to get my dance and drink on with the girls. We're all pumped about it. I can't drink much and I'll be drinking early cause I've volunteered to be DD. I love doing this because then I don't spend a night drinking calories, I remember everything in the morning and I don't get a hangover! We're having a get together at my bff's house afterward so I'm bringing a veggie tray and making some pumpkin/cake mix muffins.

Found this interesting article today...I think I may take a fast from the net one day a week. I know I spend entirely too much time on here. I should be exercising while the Nidge is napping!!! LOL

Now since I mentioned exercise...I've been sleeping like a baby lately. I switched up my exercise. Before bed at night I do a little routine. I don't know if it would be called resistance or strength training. I use the ball and do leg exercises, then do some ab exercises and then use the dumbbell to do sit ups on the ball. My muscles are aching but I'm sleeping like I haven't slept in a LONG time! Along with walking a couple times a week I'm feeling much better.

Well I must depart, take care of my sick wee little boy. He's running a fever and coughing and sniffling and pooping...poor guy :(. I hope it doesn't last long. Both hubs and I are known for our respiratory issues (neither of us smoke either). I don't have quite as many bouts of bronchitis as I did when I was heavier, but they come around once in awhile.

Enjoy your day, however you may!!!


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