Monday, February 23, 2009

The Aftermath

The visit's weren't that bad. First stop, work while hubs did plumbing. I took a Fiber 1 bar just in case. I started getting a headache around 12:30 so I ate it up. To my relief cousin and my dad went to the store and came back with chipped ham...whew!!! No chips...sweet!!! I ate a sandwich and a half with just mustard and it was good :). A few hours later, movie and pizza's...I had went to Aldi's and picked up one of their Fit and Active Pizza pouches. I love crust and these sure are crusty. They satisfied my craving for 5 points, verses the 9 that a relatively similar sized piece of pizza would have (1/4 of the pizza). I had a salad and a few nibbles of Nidge's crust *did I mention I LOVE crust?* Later when everyone was having chocolate cake with PB icing I had an apple and one nibble of the cake (I think the bite was like an inch square). All in all it wasn't a bad day, I went over points and the scale is up a tad...but I didn't completely blow it...

Just thought I'd make good on my promise to show my equipment...

Another shot of the cookbook cupboard. It's one of my favorite gifts from my dad...

This is the fridge. I love having the freezer on the bottom. I drove hubs nuts till I got it! Nidge likes to play with magnets too...

This is the stove. I was making cookies for a friend the day the photo was taken. We got it from some very dear friends of ours. Having the two ovens is great. The top one heats up in a snap and unless I'm cooking for a holiday the bottom rarely gets used.

Hi, my name is Beanie and this is my first time at "Gadgets Annonymous" :). I have a serious gadget collecting problem.


  1. *giggle* I'm a Gadgetholic, too :) LOVE your kitchen. Very homey.

  2. Thanks Lynn :). It's getting a slight remodel, nothing drastic...mainly paint. I like the "bones" of the kitchen BUT the former owners fancied themselves stencil artists. The whole house is stuck in the 70's!!!

  3. You do have a lot of gadgets! :)