Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mummbles and Jumbles

First off....Brrrrr!!! I so want this cold weather to just go away!!! Believe you me, when it's 90 I AM NOT one of those people to complain about the heat!

Thanks to everyone for their comments. I'm getting around to checking out every one's sites and hopefully someday I'll get you added to my "blogs I follow". I thought at first when I added someone to my google reader it subscribed me to their blog...guess not!

On the foodie front...I have been feeling really well lately (is that proper English?). I'm noticing the more whole food I eat the fuller I am and the healthier I feel. I haven't felt this positive in a year! The little bit of exercise I'm getting is helping too. When and where I can grab it, that is! I did a bit on the stepper last night and some weight lifting...

Yesterday was a butt ugly kind of day. The fam and I went to the donut shop across the street from us. I took an orange, had one donut hole and a cup of coffee. I stole a bite of cinnamon pie stick from hubs...but all in all I think I did well by avoiding the peanut butter iced, peanut butter filled donut!!! Now my son on the other hand...let me tell you the pb filled chocolate iced was NOT a good idea! He doesn't get those kinds of treats but once a month if that...and now I'm thinking not at all. I had a headache and was tired and I could see that he was on a sugar high. When he crashed it was pure hell!!! Oh MY GOODNESS...I texted the husband that he was being "Mr whiny cry baby, the world is ending, there's no tunes on, I'm going to blow" child. I wanted to lock myself in the closet, suck my thumb and crawl into the fetal position!!!

Today on the other hand has been a pleasant, dare I say wonderful day? I babysat for a bit this morning. Then I went shopping. Nothing major, just the dollar tree to get batteries and cleaning supplies and then to the grocery store for some odds and ends. I took my time, I needed my alone time and I feel so very much better for taking it! I called on my way home and hubs let me know that Nidge was in his kitty cat costume from Halloween. He's been laying on the back of the couch and using his "paws" to take a bath. Right now he and the cat are setting on the dining room table. Guess I'll have to get the squirt bottle after them both!!! I took some pictures and once I get them downloaded will share.

I tried a new recipe the other day. I took about 4 medium sized potatoes, sliced real thin. Did the same with one onion. In a skillet put your choice of ground meat with the onion and cook until the meat is no longer pink and the onions are transparent. Drain off fat. Put potatoes on top of the meat and onions, add water to cover (I only add about 1 cup and it doesn't cover the potatoes...) add 2 beef bouillon, cover and let simmer till reduced and potatoes are tender. I counted this as 7 or 8 pts. for 1/4 of the recipe. It's Nidge and Hubs approved. Good, cheap and tasty!!!


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