Sunday, February 15, 2009

An aha moment

I keep thinking I've been having these moments but they don't seem to stick. I was self talking last night as I was eating no bakes that my sister made. Up till that point I had a great eating day. I used to be so strong when it came to saying no thanks, or wrap it up I'll take it home for later (and then subsequently throw it away). I was doing the backwards journaling and it hasn't seemed to make any difference today's the first day I'm back to the old way. I know I'll be well over points for the week between those dastardly cookies and changing my journaling but I don't think it will be that least I hope not. I'm limiting myself to 20 points this week. Today was the first day of this and surprisingly it went very well...I found the key...KEEP BUSY. I ate Fiber one for breakfast and then went to organize my recipes. This kept my mind and my fingers busy, plus I found a ton of recipes I forgot I printed out, saved, cut out or what have you. I didn't get "hungry" till about 10 (oh Nidge had me up before 7). At that point I just had an orange. Lunch came around so I made a bagel sandwich (ww bagel, lean ham, lettuce and miracle whip lite) and a bowl of green beans. I had a curve bar to sweeten me up a bit (been really cranky from PMS). For dinner this evening I had a HUGE salad with cukes, celery, lettuce mix and chicken. Drizzled with Kraft light Italian..Yummy!!! I have one point left and I'm trying to decide between Turkey Hill Dutch Chocolate Ice cream and popcorn...decisions, decisions...LOL

I think there was a point in that post...Oh yeah...tomorrow is going to be a challenging day. I'll be off to my cousin's house and she doesn't prepare light in the morning I'm definitely going to have some protein...probably an egg sandwich and of course some fiber one ;).

I realized I'm worth it and don't want to waste any more time hating myself...

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