Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Procrastinating...

So I still haven't made "THE" phone call. I know it's going to be a tuffy and I'm sure my boss will be disappointed and try and talk me out of it but I know where I need to be and can't picture myself in that environment again. At least not until the Nidge is in school, but then again I've thrown the idea of homeschooling who knows. Ugh...why am I putting this off. I know it's the reason for my bad, negative, annoyed mood and once it's over then it truly will be OVER. Now it's nearly lunch time so I doubt if I'll catch him before he leaves for now I have to wait till this afternoon....

Come on woman...get on with it...and then you can move on!!!

On the agenda...
Grocery shopping!!!
Making the dreaded phone call
Bath (soaking in salts)
Playing with the Nidge!!!

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