Friday, February 6, 2009

News and some helpful computer stuff...

Hubs had another dancing in the bathroom moment this morning. He dropped below 300 lbs. I remember when I first experienced that...going from Threeville to Twoville and then finally to Onederland. (I will get back to Onederland). I think he's hooked and will listen a little more intently to me when I go on and on...nag you may say! ;) I think he said 299.4. He has an interview today and I hope it goes well. He's a very emotional eater. He know's it and so do I.

In the kitchen note...yesterday I made pisketti. Nidge picked out noodles (Rotini) and I picked the sauce. Delgrosso Extra Tomato. I'm like my mom in the aspect that no sauce, bought or homemade, can go without a little finessing. Usually what I do is dump a whole bunch of spices in; oregano, sage, italian seasoning and lots of rosemary. But my secret and hers as well, was to add about 1/4 of sugar. In my case it's splenda. Voila...spaghetti just like my momma's. We also had meatballs. Aldi's turkey meatballs. Yumm-o!!!

So in crusing the net today I found some stuff that might be of interest for bloggers...

Kim Komando has a fabulous site filled with helpful tips, free I might add. She does have a premium plan as well. She has links to downloads of free programs and such. I find her resources indispensible. Today she was featuring a site that you can go to and make your own favicons. Here it is Favicon.

For those of you who haven't checked them out Cloudeight InfoAve is another GREAT resource for helpful tips, hints and free programs. They too have a premium membership available, but also the free limited one. I get it and it's great. They have something called the Freeware Hall of Fame. I have used most of the programs on there and they're fabulous.

And something I found yesterday that's helpful for those who like to download just about anything but don't want to clutter up your harddrives or take the chance of loosing them in the event of a system crash... You get 1 GB of free storage space. Granted it's not huge but it is free! I'm storing PDF's of different printables that I've collected from the net.

That's all I've got for today!!! Can ya tell I LOVE a good freebee???

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