Saturday, February 7, 2009

Old friends, made from scratch and homemade warm chocolatey goodness

It's warmer out than it has been lately...but I know it won't last!!! I SO very much so want spring to come!!!

Now onto my title...

Old friend...
Via facebook I found a friend I'd known for about 10 years from our last church. She is a very dear and loving woman, SAHM, Christian, coffee lover, etc. She's real and down to earth and the thing I love most of all is that she's up front about her struggles. If she's mad she admits it, if she's sad she talks about it. She's had a rough life, she lost her mom as well, but hers was to cancer. She commented how it's funny we'd both been thinking about the other lately...and then we both commented it wasn't funny, it was God!!! He knows the desires of our hearts!!!

Made from scratch...
I have a butt ton of wash cloth's from when the Nidge was a baby. We couldn't use wipes on him, very sensitive bum ;). They were just sitting around here in a bag so yesterday I took one, cut it in a simple triangle, blanket stitched it, stuffed the stuffing in it, added some catnip and voila had a lovely little mouse for the cat. He's loving it!!!

Homemade warm chocolatey goodness...
Love cocoa, but can't stand spending $3 for the sugar free stuff or 220 calories on the cheap stuff??? Well I've been experimenting. To satisfy my hot cocoa cravings I took the recipe off of the side of my Nestle's cocoa container and adjusted it to my tastes.

1 T. cocoa
2 T. Splenda
1/2 tsp. vanilla
6 oz. hot water
left over coffee from the bottom of the pot (1 T.) OPTIONAL

Put all in your mug and stir!!! Now if you're used to the creamy, milky, marshmallowey type cocoa's you may or may not like this. It is very similar to the sf swiss miss I've bought in the store...but it's el cheapo!!!


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