Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pile of stuff

Like the laundry piled in the laundry room on "off" days...Here's a messy posts of whites, darks, colors and lights ;)

No rhyme nor reason, just wanting to share...

Nidge is sick, coughing, pooping, sniffling sick. I couldn't figure out why until I remembered he was at the pediatricians office this week for his yearly. He picked it up there :(. Poor sniffling sad wee boy.

I spent WAY too much money on groceries today. Aldi's had a bunch of fruit and veggies for $1.99...wahoo!!! I also found the fat free promise I so love. They changed the packaging, instead of two little tubs it's one big tub. This stuff only has 5 calories!!! I'm a happy gal. It's not an all purpose spread, but it is good on toast and on baked potatoes and such.

I got Kim Bensen's email newsletter today and she has a load of "comfort food" recipes right now. You have to go and get them soon as she doesn't keep archives of them...Here's the link Kim Bensen Enjoy!

Some free downloads that you all may be able to use. Video slicing, screen capturer, task manager and disk analyzer. Free Downloads

On an odd note, I was carrying my son to the living room and got a weird "sense". It's hard to explain but I got the scent and mental note of those nasty Easter know those nasty "fruit flavored" ones that are covered in chocolate. I'll have to go to the store and let you know what the true name of them are.

I think that's it...Got to fill ya in on my houseguest and my fab O weekend out!!!

Toodles :)

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