Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well today was a great scale day for everyone in the house...I got on and got a nice surprise...I was 207!!! Sweet. Yesterday for some reason that dastardly weapon of torture said I was 210. Hubs hasn't been trying to lose weight (trying in a sense that he's tracking and such) but with the food choices I have in the house he was absolutely elated that when he got on the scale it actually weighed him. He practically was doing a happy dance and is off to make phone calls and tell his mommy...LOL. He weighed in at 301 so he's super happy and on cloud nine. He jokingly calls me "The Food Nazi" (like the soup one)..."NO SNACKS FOR YOU". I commented that "I'm not so bad am I when the scales actually showing results"?

SUPERBOWL!!! What can I say? What a game...Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Six Burg Steelers!!!

As for exercise...well went walking with my BFF yesterday at the mall and we're planning on walking AND dancing tonight. Good DJ at the local watering hole and some great friends to hang with...so I'm looking forward to it. We'll see in a few days what the scale has to say. MGD 64 all the way for me!!!

Hope the scale is good to ya'll this week!!! I'll post some helpful sites later when the nidge naps...

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