Friday, February 13, 2009

Mish Mash...

Ah, what a day...Friday the 13th, I will not give into superstition...

Sharing a few sites today...

Dot To Dot Make your photo's dot to dot pictures for your kids to play with, great for those kids learning to count!

School Express Great for homeschooler, lots of printable and it's free!!! I'll be using this a bunch!

As for myself personally...well my TOM came again. At first I thought it was rather irregular but when I went back in my blog I see that it actually was on time!!! Wow For someone with PCOS this is monumental!!! The cramps are kicking my butt. In fact I hurt so much last night I didn't go walking, I know sorry excuse BUT I am going dancing tonight. Please, please, please let there be a decent DJ!!! Don't really have any weekend plans, just taking it easy as possible. Going to get the glue, scissors and construction paper out for the Nidge to make his Mamaw a valentine. Told Hubs he can pick what he wants me to make for Heart day...I'm thinking Mac and Cheese and some form of red meat. LOL!!! Hubs and I were talking last night and he said we're able to afford an external HD for the computers. Between the two computers (desktop and laptop) there's less than 100GB of space. I get tired of having so many online storage accounts and would like something I could plug into both computers. Going to check out Staples! Both computers cost me less than $400 so the investment is well worth it. I'm sure by freeing up a little HD space they'll run better too!

Made a quick and easy dish last night...Ground venison and vegitarian beans in tomato sauce with 1/8 cup of ketchup and splenda. Nice, old fashioned comfort food. I figured out that with 4 oz. of meat and 2 servings of the beans it was around 9 points.

Nuff of my ramblings for today...Have a great weekend. I'll post pics next week of our Valentine's day card making!

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